In the Education field, we develop thematic maps for print and online editions. These maps representing the content in the text books or maps which are exclusively developed for books and atlases which includes world, continents, countries and different city category maps according to the clients requirements.

Some of our projects in this field are:

School Atlas

School Atlas
In this project we developed exclusive thematic maps in Turkish language for a digital atlas platform. Various thematic maps along with specific regions, countries and continent maps were developed along with the elevation attribute (Relief) to give high quality content and information to the students of different grades.

Middle East Conflict Region Maps

Middle East Conflict Region Maps
American University
We have worked for American University for the development map of Caucasus and Moldova region where we displayed the ethnic composition and specific regions of war of Transnistria. We specially layered the PDF format map file for using it as teaching material to explain and understand the history and other geographical attributes of the region. The style sheet was carefully followed for easy understanding and better learning.

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