Custom US County Map

Custom US County Map
A county is an administrative subdivision in the United States of America. The expression ‘county’ is applied in 48 out of the 50 U.S. States. USA County Map correctly shows the location of the counties on the map of U.S.

USA County Map

There are no counties in Alaska and Louisiana. Alaska is made up of boroughs and Louisiana consists of parishes. At present, the United States has 3,143 counties and county equivalent areas.

Our cartographers and design team create custom County Maps according to your needs. We can highlight any cities or destinations and more with combining accurate data. Mapsofworld has published thousands of County maps.

Availability of maps:

High resolution raster format:JPEG/TIFF/BMP/PSD
Editable Vector format :AI/EPS/PDF/PPT/DWG/DXF/SVG
GIS format :.shp files, Tab and KML

Levels in which we can provide county maps:

State level
Regional metro area level
Street level

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